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Best burger in Copenhagen

Bob’s Streetfood has existed since January 2023 – and already has over 100 5-star reviews on Google. We think we have the best burger in Copenhagen. But try it yourself – and please give us your feedback on Google. There are many good burger places in Copenhagen – and of course many think they have the best burger. We usually say there is something for everyone at Bob’s Streetfood

Burger in Copenhagen

Are you looking for a burger in Copenhagen? Then you have come to the right place. Bob’s Streetfood makes the best burgers in Copenhagen. See all our great reviews on Google and Tripadvisor.

Bob’s Streetfood has many years of experience in making burgers. Bob has been making burgers ever since he was a boy in his parents’ burger bar. And since then he has taken a cooking course and worked at some of the best restaurants in Copenhagen. Therefore, you have a guarantee that your burger is always juicy, delicious and full of flavour!


At Bob’s Streetfood, we make our own vegetarian burgers. We make it from an organic celeriac, which we cut into slices, bake with lots of spices and love, and finally fry. It makes for one of the most amazing vegetarian burgers we’ve tasted. And it is 100% natural and organic. We tried many different vegetarian burgers from our suppliers – but we think there were far too many e-numbers and additives and even many other ingredients that we didn’t even know what they were. We don’t think you can offer that to your guests. Here we only serve a vegetarian burger that we would eat ourselves – and do so often.

Vegan burger in Copenhagen

Of course, we have also made a vegan burger. It is basically our vegetarian burger, which we have adjusted and used vegan burger dressing. And then we have made our very own homemade organic gluten-free vegan burger bun. We developed this vegan burger bun because the alternatives from our suppliers were not good enough and contained far too many additives. That is why we have developed our own vegan burger bun, which we make on gluten-free oats, corn flour, rice flour and with our own gluten-free sourdough. It makes a nice gluten-free burger bun, which is full of flavor and good taste. And which you can eat with a clear conscience.

Gluten-free burger in Copenhagen

We can offer all our burgers as gluten-free. Our delicious gluten-free burger bun can be purchased as an add-on to all our burgers and menus. When you order a gluten-free burger at Bob’s Streetfood, you get a homemade organic burger bun, which we can guarantee is gluten-free and vegan. We have made it ourselves from scratch and developed it together with our guests and friends.

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